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If you would like the school to administer medication to your child, please complete a 'Pupil Medication Request Form'.  Please ensure that all medication is in date and is clearly labelled with your child's name and year/class.

Please note that only prescribed medicines will be administered by the school. Non-prescription medicines, such as Calpol, cough medicine, Ibuprofen, Piriton and throat lozenges will not be given.

If your child has an adrenaline pen (EpiPen, Jext or Emerade), we require two in school; one for their classroom and one for the School Office.  We will create a 'Medical Action Plan' with you using templates provided by the 'Paediatric Allergy Group' (PAG).  These plans have been designed to facilitate first aid treatment of anaphylaxis, to be delivered by people without any special medical training, or equipment, apart from access to an adrenaline pen.   If you would like to make changes to your child’s Action Plan throughout the year, please contact the School Office at

If your child has an adrenaline pen as a result of a food allergy, please notify the School Office immediately.  Our catering team, Twelve15, cater for 14 recognised food allergens: celery, crustaceans, dairy, egg, fish, gluten, lupin, molluscs, mustard, nut, peanut, sesame, soya, sulphites.  Further information can be found under 'Information' and 'School Meals'.