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If you would like the school to administer medication to your child, please complete a 'Pupil Medication Request Form'.  Please ensure that all medication is in date, is in its original box (as dispensed by the Pharmacist) and is clearly labelled with your child's name.

Please note that only prescribed medication will be administered by the school. Non-prescription medicines, such as Calpol, cough medicine, Ibuprofen, Piriton and throat lozenges will not be given.

If your child has an inhaler, or adrenaline pen (EpiPen, Jext or Emerade), we require you to provide two for school.  Inhalers are kept in your child's classroom.  One adrenaline pen will be kept in the School Office and one will be in their classroom. 

The School keeps a spare salbutamol inhaler for use in emergencies.  If your child has an inhaler, you will be asked to complete a 'School Asthma Card'.  There is a section on this form giving permission for the School to use the central inhaler if required.  You can find this form at

The School keeps spare adrenaline pens for use in emergencies.  If your child has an adrenaline pen, you will be asked to confirm in writing that you consent for this to be used on your child if required (see form attached).  At the moment, we have Jext devices in School (2 x Jext 150 mg and 1 x Jext 300 mg), but this may change depending on availability.  Whilst our spare adrenaline pen may be different to your child's prescribed medication, all auto-injectors (Emerade, EpiPen and Jext) contain the same active ingredient, epinephrine.

If your child has an adrenaline pen, we will create a 'Medical Action Plan' with you using templates provided by the 'Paediatric Allergy Group' (PAG).  These plans have been designed to facilitate first aid treatment of anaphylaxis, to be delivered by people without any special medical training, or equipment, apart from access to an adrenaline pen.   If you would like to make changes to your child’s Action Plan throughout the year, please contact the School Office at

If your child has a food allergy, please contact the School Office immediately.  It is important that you let us know of any allergies even if your child has a packed lunch every day, as your child's class may have a tasting session as part of the curriculum. 

Our catering team, Twelve15, cater for 14 recognised food allergens: celery, crustaceans, dairy, egg, fish, gluten, lupin, molluscs, mustard, nut, peanut, sesame, soya, sulphites.  They also support vegetarian, vegan, pork and beef free diets. For more information about the allergens contained in our menus, including a list of the 14 key allergens and the dishes they appear in, please visit Twelve15's website,

If your child has a food allergy, you will be asked to complete a 'Special Diet Request Form' and provide medical evidence, if appropriate.  The catering team will assess your application and determine the appropriate menu for your child.