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School Council

Our School Council was set up in 2012 to give pupils a voice. It is made up of one representative from each class in Years 1 – 6 and Reception children are represented by Year 6. Elections for new councillors are held at the beginning of the Autumn Term and any child interested in becoming school councillor is invited to give reasons to their class to persuade them why they should be elected.

The key aims of the school council are:

  • To give pupils a voice to share their opinions
  • To give pupils the opportunity to be involved in improving school life for everyone
  • To promote our school values
  • For pupils to work as partners with staff, developing a caring school community
  • To provide pupils with opportunities to develop skills that will be important throughout their lives
  • To involve pupils in solving problems and resolving conflicts

Meetings are generally held at lunchtime and councillors take issues brought by their class to the school council and report back relevant issues to their class. Minutes of each meeting are taken to act as an aide memoire. Councillors are clear that they must put across the views of their class and not just their own. All councillors are expected to show exemplary behaviour around school.

The headteacher, teachers, governors and other pupils are invited to attend Council meetings when appropriate. The councillors are often the first point of contact to represent the school to talk to visitors.

Recent initiatives have been:

  • Developing ideas for Anti-bullying Week
  • Instigating a uniform questionnaire to parents
  • Creating a Holy Trinity Top 10 Manners List
  • Creating Shared Area Charters
  • Getting rid of handtowels and replacing with electric driers
  • Increasing the height of the football fence
  • Designing the new spiritual garden

On Friday 16 May 2014 the School Council shared their feedback from classes on manners. We tried to link any manners which we felt were similar and we highlighted our top manners from the original list of 25.

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School Top Ten Manners (or Courtesy and Respect)



Our attitude at school.

Do smile and try to have a positive attitude

Respecting everyone.

Do be respectful to everyone.

Show respect to adults – don’t roll your eyes, answer back / backchat or tut!

No slouching on seats

Listening to others.

Listen attentively – do not interrupt people when they are talking and do not talk when others are talking

Interacting with adults.

Say the adults name before speaking to them and look at people when speaking to them (or they are speaking to you)

Do something the first time an adult asks you

Using polite language.

Use appropriate language with adults and with children.

Don’t blaspheme using ‘God’

Using appropriate language.

Do say “please” and “thank you”

Say “pardon” and not “what” if you don’t hear first time.

Say “yes“ instead of “yeah”

Say “excuse me” (plus name) if needing to get past or to interrupt politely

Ask with “please may you tell…” me rather than “what is…”

Serving others

Let adults go first and say “after you”

Do open doors for other people – and thank some-one if they do it for you

Serving others

Offer to help others

Pick up things that are on the floor (even if they are not yours)

Put chairs in after a lesson

Being honest.

Be honest and truthful

Be ready to apologise if you let someone down particularly an adult

Taking pride in ourselves.


Take pride in your school uniform.

Cover your mouth / nose and say “excuse me” if you cough, sneeze or yawn.

Do not spit, pick your nose or burp in public


Charters for Shared Areas




Learning Lab

Clean, tidy work space.

To be able to get on straight away.

To be able to cook in a hygienic place.

To easily accessible, quality equipment.

Pick up and put away equipment you use in the right place and neatly.

Tuck chairs in.

Leave the room as you’d like to find it.

Don’t leave your work in the Learning Lab.

Don’t leave litter.

Changing Rooms


Privacy to change in a clean and clear room.

To expect our clothes to be safe.


Always take your “stuff” home and leave the changing room clear.

Put kit in your PE bag.

Keep changed clothes together in a neat pile.

Leave PE bags in a tidy place on pegs.

Not mess around.

Pick up clothes from the floor.

IT Suite

To have safe use of a working PC. 

To be able to logon and get started straight away.

Have working, untangled, quality equipment.


Use equipment sensibly.

To log off (only shut down at end of the day) after each session.

To tidy equipment and not leave dangling wires.

Report damaged equipment.  Leave the PC as we want to find it.

Untangle wires.

Library Corridor


To easily accessible books.  Quality Books.

A variety of books to meet the needs of everyone.

To an appropriate quiet atmosphere for reading (not with those there for punishment).

Put books back in the right place.

Treat books with respect.

Report damaged books.

Not to distract others in the library.

Tuck chairs in and return poufs/stools.




A space to hang our coats.

A coat peg with sufficient space for PE bag, coat and “sensible” sized bag for lunch box and other equipment.

A named bag for footwear.

To ensure your coat has a hook.

To put your coat and bag on your peg.

To hang up coats on pegs if on the floor.

If we notice items on the floor pick them up and rehang.

Use a sensible sized bag.

Lunchtime Shed

To be able to use quality equipment at lunchtime.

A good variety of equipment which everyone can use.


Only use resources with permission.

Respect equipment and follow rules of who is in charge.

Use equipment appropriately.

Put things back with care.

Report damaged equipment.



A clean floor.

Safe PE equipment.

A clear hall.

Easy access to equipment.

Clear guidance on where equipment is kept.

To try not to drop food.

To pick up our dropped food or alert midday supervisors.

To look after equipment and use it appropriately.

Leave hall as we find it.

Put apparatus back in the right place.

Willow Hall



Clean tidy floor.

Clean tables and chairs.

Feeling safe.

To be able to enjoy our lunch in a clean and not noisy environment.

Pick up food and litter.

Alert midday supervisors (MS) if areas are unclean.

Not to leave a mess.

To leave the hall as we find it.

Follow the M.S. rules.

PE Shed

To have easy access to good quality PE equipment.

Clearly marked equipment.

Clear guidance on where equipment is kept.

Pumped up balls.

Sufficient equipment for all.

To put things back in the correct place.

Be prepared to help pump up/tidy shed.  (On a rota basis).  Leave the equipment as we’d like to find it – plus tidy up.  Not to help yourself to equipment.

Music Room

To be able to get on with music lessons straight away.

Quality equipment.

Safe equipment.

Clean and tidy space.

A good variety of equipment which everyone can use.

Only use resources with permission.

Respect equipment and follow rules of who is in charge, (e.g. Yr 6 lunchtime leader)

Use equipment appropriately.

Leave the room as you find it.

Report damaged equipment.