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Travelling to School

Congestion, Consideration and Safer Parking:  With 420 pupils coming together each day from the surrounding area into one place, it is understandably busy around school at drop off (8.45am) and pick up times (3.10pm). We really do appreciate the patience of our local residents and want to help, so we regularly encourage parents to walk or to park sensitively and safely away from school then walk. We ask parents to switch off engines to protect our environment and the health of our children from exhaust fumes and we do operate a drop off zone outside school to reduce parking in the immediate vicinity.

We also operate an unofficial one-way system for parents to follow during the start and end of the school day, to avoid congestion and to improve the flow of traffic. It has come to our attention that local residents may not be aware of its existence and although under no obligation to use it, it may be helpful knowing that the majority of our parents approach the school along Benner Lane with the school on the driver’s left- hand side.

Please see below a description of the one way system.