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Volunteering at Holy Trinity - How to Apply for a DBS

If you would like to volunteer as a helper at Holy Trinity, you will need to apply for a Holy Trinity DBS.  To request this, please E-Mail the School Office at  You will need to provide your title, full name, address, date of birth, E-Mail and mobile number to start the process. 

If you have a DBS certificate from another organisation and have previously subscribed to the 'Update Service', the School Office will be able to perform a status check on your behalf.  They will need to see your original DBS certificate before they can do this.

Once the School Office have started the DBS process, it will initiate an automatic E-Mail asking you to access your application online and complete the information.  You must do this before showing your ID to the School Office.  

Once you have confirmed the details on the online application, you need to show the Office 3 forms of ID:

* Passport, or a birth certificate if you don't have one
* Current driving licence
* Evidence of your address, i.e. a bank statement, utility bill (issued within the last 3 months), or a Council Tax bill

You also need to provide documentation to support any name changes, i.e. a marriage certificate.

As all checks are carried out through an external organisation, we ask for a voluntary admin charge of £10.50 to process your DBS.

Once the application has been processed, the DBS certificate will be sent to your home address.  Please show it to the School Office when it arrives.  You will not be able to volunteer in school until they have seen it.

We would like you to subscribe to the DBS 'Update Service' at this point.  You can subscribe using the certificate number on your DBS certificate once it arrives.  This is free for voluntary roles, but must be done by you within 30 days of the certificate issue date.  If you do not sign up, you risk being removed from the school's DBS list.  By subscribing to this service, if your DBS lapses (i.e. you are unable to help in school over a 3-month period), it is easier for the school to check whether your certificate is still current, without having to start the process again.  If you join the 'Update Service', it is also transferable, so other organisations can use it. 

To join the 'Update Service', go to

Once you have subscribed to the 'Update Service', please let the School Office know so that they can update their records.  Your subscription will last for 12 months from the issue date displayed on your certificate.