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Year 1

Year 1

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

New beginnings – including class charters

Caring for animals

Anti-bullying week

Children In Need


Me and my relationships

How does it feel to be new?

Safety around the home

Keeping safe –road safety

Internet safety week

Day for Change (Unicef)

Comic Relief

Getting on and falling out

Healthy eating

Keeping the body healthy

Let’s go Exploring (countries and cultures)

Transition to Year 2


Key concepts and skills

Health and well-being

-To recognise that they share a responsibility for keeping themselves and others safe.

-To learn about growing and changing and new opportunities and responsibilities that increasing independence may bring.

-To understand how to manage dangers they may encounter.

To use ICT responsibly and develop an understanding of how to keep safe on line.


-To develop a sense of belonging as part of a group where our differences and similarities are valued.

-To understand how to be a good friend.

-To begin to see things from another point of view, to work together, manage feelings and resolve conflict.

-To communicate their feelings to others.

-To recognise how others show feelings and how to respond to this.

-To recognise what is fair and unfair, kind and unkind, what is right and wrong.

Living in the wider world- Economic well-being and being a responsible citizen

-To understand that other living things have needs and that they have responsibilities to meet them.

-To begin to understand that they belong to various groups and communities including family, school and the country we live in.

-To understand that they belong to various groups and communities, and have a responsibility towards them.

-To understand that everyone has human rights and that children have their own special rights.